Our Vision

To be a highly competent and influential association contributing to a competitive Cambodia’s footwear industry in the global market.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to a competitive investment and trade environment for Cambodia.
  • To work with all stakeholders to continuously bring about a better business environment for our members to grow and develop.
  • To enhance our members’ capacity & capability for their better business operation.
  • To build professional management system and standard operating procedure (SOP) among our members.
  • To provide our members with relevant updated information and regulations in a timely manner.
  • To build a spirit of continuous learning and innovation for the association’s secretariat.
  • To better build a Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability mindset among our members.

CFA Highlights



13 initial members set up the Cambodia Footwear Association (CFA)

CFA Official launched in Cambodia

Official Members of Confederation of International Footwear (CIFA)

Comitee of National Minimum Wage

Cambodia Footwear Association membership swells to over 55 official members and over 25 associate members

Membership Update

CFA's over 55 official members are joined by over 45 associate members who represent 135,000 active workers.

Our Services

CFA Members
Working Groups
Regular meeting (lunch/cafe)
Industrial Survey

External Parties
Business Promotion
Charity Donation

Official Governments
Regulations dissemination
Trade discussion
Minimum Wage
Seminars (Selected Topics)
Legal Updates