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Prakas​ #177 dated 06 December 2019 of the Ministry of Land, Urban Planning and Construction on Formalities and Procedures of Issuance of Occupancy Certificates for Construction Built Prior to the Enforcement of Construction Law.
The Royal Government issued two sub-decrees to prevent and respond to the international epidemic of infectious diseases by imposing fines on non-communicators and evaders
Prakas #081 of the Ministry of Health on Obligation to Wear Mask and Social Distancing during the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Community
Sub-Decree #57 OrNKrBK dated 31 March 2021 on Administrative Measures to Prevent the Outbreak of Covid-19 and Other Dangerous and Malignant Infectious Diseases
Decision No. 068/21 on the implementation of temporary administrative measures to prevent the spread of Covid -19 in Phnom Penh
Sub Decree #66 of the Royal Government of Cambodia on Obligation to get injected Covid-19 Vaccine.
Sub-Decree No. 32, dated March 04, 2021, on the National Social Security Fund on Pensions Scheme for All Persons Under the Provisions of the Labor Law.
Decision No. 042/21 on Types of Factories, Enterprises and Handicrafts which are permitted to carry out business activities during the implementation of the temporary closure measures in Phnom Penh and Takhmao City
Prakas No. 296 of the Ministry of Health dated 20 June 2021 on the implementation of standard operating procedures for the management and treatment of Covid-19 patients at home
Sub-Decree No. 145, dated 19 August 2021, on the Calendar of Public Holidays for Civil Servants and Workers/Employee in 2022
The Government​ of Cambodia Decision #95 on 23 September 2021 about "Suspension of Kan Ben and Pchum Ben Festival